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2002 Oshkosh Striker 1500 ARFF

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Toll Free: (866) 289-6188

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PERKS Package

  • Up to 6 months pump, drive train and aerial warranty capped at 10% of sale price
  • Travel expenses to view the truck for two people
  • Third party pump and aerial certification
  • Free delivery in the continental United States
Inventory # : Co2-6985
Type : ARFF
Model Year : 2002
Chassis Mfg : Custom Chassis
Body Mfg : Crash Truck
Pump Mfg : Waterous
Pump Location : Side Mount
Pump Rating : 1500
Tank Type : Poly
Tank Size : 1500 gl with 210gl Foam
Engine Type : Diesel
Engine Structure : Cat
Engine HP : 585
Seating SCBA : 2
Seating Cab : 3
Cab Type : 2 Door
Overall Length : 31' 5''
Overall Height : 11' 5''


585 hp CAT Diesel Engine
Allison Automatic Transmission
2,525 Miles
422 Engine Hours
Four Wheel Independent Suspension
1500 gl Poly Water Tank
210 gl Poly Foam Tank
500 lbs Dry Chem With Hose Reel
1500 gpm Waterous Pump
Roof Turret
Bumper Turret

Sale Includes ECOlogic Foam Testing System From E-One To Include ECOlogic Cart!!!

Excellent Condition
ARFF Tested & Certified To OEM
Available Now!


With under 10,000 miles on it, this Oshkosh used ARFF Truck has been very well maintained!  There is plenty of life remaining to respond to emergencies in your fire department with this pierce of emergency equipment!

From the Manufacturer:
-Car and Driver Magazine 2002 Calls the Oshkosh Striker 3000 "The Porsche 959 of Fire Trucks"
Sleek, fast, reliable and powerful.  In his 2002 review of the Striker 3000 at the Lake Superior College Emergency Response Training Center near Duluth, Minnesota, John Phillips of Car and Driver Magazine compares the ARFF vehicle to the Porsche 959.  
-Phillips notes, "It's designed to flatten trees and the standard chain-link fences that surround U.S. airports.  It's 10 feet wide-with a monster track that helps keep it upright even when it's leaning 30 degrees to port or starboard.  By fire truck standards, it's also quick."
-Source:  Phillips, John.  "Oshkosh Striker 3000:  Putting out fires is fine.  Poking holes in airplanes and blowing windows out of mobile homes-now that's superb."  Car and Driver.  Hearst Communications, Inc., Apr. 2002. Web. 7 Feb. 2017.
-William Besserdich and Bernhard Mosling believe their two pioneering four-wheel-drive inventions together have the power to positively transform the performance of vehicles on the rugged roads of early 20th century America.  Their groundbreaking designs include the automatic locking differential responsible for transferring power from the front axle to the rear axle (patented 1914) and the front driving axle with improved steering and drive capacity (patented 1915).  Besserdich and Mosling decided to present their four-wheel-drive designs to automakers Case, Ford, Jeffery, Kissel, Packard, Studebaker and other.  Despite the promise of performance, the automakers decline the opportunity to produce vehicles using the Besserdich/Mosling components.  The rejections from industry leaders inspire Besserdich and Mosling to take charge of their ideas.  They used the designs as the foundation for the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Company, founded May 1, 1917.  The duo quickly obtains funding to develop and produce their fist four-wheel-drive truck prototype, known as "Old Betsy".  By 1920, the successful prototype propels the company's early growth.  To meet the demand for the powerful first production series Model A Truck, the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Company moves to a new, larger facility in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and becomes the Oshkosh Motor Truck Manufacturing Company.  - Oshkosh Corporation Timeline